Good words inspire receivers at no cost.

Good words inspire the receivers at no cost. How and why? Do you want to know it? If so, then please read the story.

My wife and I went to Asansol market to buy a leather chappal for my 86 years old mother. We went first to popular shops like BATA, Srileathers, Khadims and so on. But we could not find the chappal suitable for my mother.

When we gave up searching, the owner of the last shop informed us where we could buy it. We went to the particular shop in a lane, selected the chappal, and purchased it.

After the buy, I said, “your shop is big and good. You keep many varieties also. Only one serviceman can’t serve the customers”.

The owner said,  “Five servicemen went on leave after Durga Puja; they did not return”.  He called my wife back into the shop, handed over a small gift to her, and requested us to revisit the shop.

Good words

My appreciation with kind words inspired the shop owner to give the gift to my wife.

“Good words are worth much and cost little.”

-George Herbert in

So use good words in your daily conversations.

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