Respect women to make this world more beautiful

Respect women. See them as equal to men. Give them due respect. If every one of this world has this attitude, then no force can prevent this world from being more beautiful. How and why? Then read this post for the answers.

Last Monday my wife went to buy fish from the nearby fish shop. She told me about the incident. One older man advised the shop keeper to cut the fish in such a way that the head and tailpiece become longer in size. After that, he did not pay attention to what the shop keeper was doing. Why? He was so much confident that the shop keeper would carry out his order. But to his surprise, he saw that the pieces had been cut short in length. It made him angry. He asked the shopkeeper,  “Why didn’t you carry out my advice?”

Fish cutting
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The shop keeper:  “Sorry. It’s my fault. I didn’t pay much attention to you. Mostly the other gentlemen advise me otherwise.”

The older man:  “Don’t you know the ladies of all families always give big pieces to the other members, and they take smaller head and tailpieces? So I wanted the bigger sizes of head and tailpiece. Am I clear to you?”

The shop keeper: “Sorry.”

My wife wondered at the perspective of the older man. If everyone thinks for the women like him, then every family will work as a team. As a result, every society in the world will grow as a team. In turn, this will make this world more beautiful. You can also peep into my earlier post- How do the housewives make this world beautiful?

Let’s respect women for making this world more beautiful.

Note: I have written this post in the Indian context only.


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