Why do I choose to see the movie of life as spectator?

The spectator of the movie of life. Yes, I am the spectator. Why do I choose to see the movie of life as a spectator? Once you read the post you can have the answer.


Last Sunday I went to see a movie in a multiplex. It was a good movie full of good moments and bad moments. It had every ingredient of life. Some part of it showed romance. So the actors played their part in romance and they felt happy. They acted so nice I felt the same warmth of happiness too. Some part detailed the crisis period. In that period, the actors acted as if they actually faced the crisis and even cried. They acted so nice that I also felt and cried like them as if it had happened to me. There were moments when the hero and heroine enjoyed to the fullest. The acting of enjoyment was so perfect that I immersed myself fully into enjoyment. I felt very happy.

What if I become the actor or director?

Think of the actors. They were playing the roles of different characters. They tried their best to act perfectly. Still, they were not sure whether the spectators would like their actions or not. Could they enjoy the movie like me? Think of the director who directed it. He worked hard, planned meticulously and coached every actor to give their best. Still, he was not sure how the movie will do. Did he enjoy the movie like me? Certainly not. As a spectator, I was seeing the movie. I did not feel such tension within me. I had come here to enjoy the movie to the best possible extent.

Life is a movie. I see it, feels the good moments and bad moments. The good moments make me elated. Even I cry in crisis.

What did I see and feel as the spectator?

I cried when my elder son was fighting with fat embolism in ICU at Nagpur. You can have the details in my earlier post-Finding answers in life: Can anybody help? Similarly, I cried when my wife was battling with life at the school of tropical medicine, Kolkata. I have come across the beautiful moments of life also. Who says life is full of miseries? We have travelled a lot to enjoy the scenic beauty of Gangtok, Gurudongmar lake and shared and enjoyed beautiful moments together. The moments become enjoyable with true friends. You can have the glimpse in my earlier post-Like-minded friends enjoy every moment of life. Life is full of such good and bad moments. God has sent me to see the movie of my life. Still, it goes on. Not yet finished. I just see, feel and enjoy the moments as the spectator.

What do you choose? To become the spectator, actor or director. The choice is yours. But I choose to be a spectator.

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