Whenever you feel stressed, listen to songs.

Feel stressed? Do you want to release your stress? Then please read the post.

Today when I was parking my car in front of my office, I saw a boy was painting the outside walls of the adjacent office building. I heard a song on his mobile. The scene moved me. I captured the picture of the boy at once.

The boy listening to songs and painting walls

I thought on the scene. Why was he doing this? Why was he not focusing on painting fully? It made me curious about the boy. So at my convenient time, I went to the boy and enquired about the answers to the above questions.

He said, “My mother is suffering from a chronic disease for a long time. So she needs constant supervision and medication. I am working as a contractor workman, so, it’s very difficult for me to maintain the high cost of medication. Even nobody is there to supervise her in my absence. This thought occupies my mind most of the time. So I feel stressed most of the time. I listen to the songs on the mobile to distress me.”

I kept silent. Why? How could I forget the facts about music?

Feel stressed? Listen to music and songs.

Sometimes, we listen to music for lifting our mood. How a great song can affect our mood can be viewed in A great song can make you feel good. When stresses build up within us, we go for listening to music for the release of stress. We also listen to music whenever we want to forget some undesirable things or unfortunate events about our chaotic lives. My son listens to instrumental music while does his homework. On inquiry, he said,” It helps in preventing my mind wandering. So I can focus more on problem-solving.”

I also forgot that music can act as a powerful stress management tool in our lives.

Bottom line

  1. Whenever you feel stressed, listen to the songs that elevate your mood.
  2. If you are curious to know things, you can learn faster.
  3. You can learn from anybody if you keep your learning mode on.

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