Can I join hands with you to promote every one?

Promote. Whom to promote? What is the promotion?

promotion is the advancement of an employee’s rank or position in an organizational hierarchy system. Promotion may be an employee’s reward for good performance, i.e., positive appraisal.


Episode of promotion

Last Saturday I felt happy. Why? All the executives who report to me and have their promotions due have been promoted. So they invited me to a restaurant yesterday to celebrate their promotions. All of them enjoyed the evening. I enjoyed too.

I felt so happy thinking that I had done my part. Why? I had given them good marks. It helped them to score high in the performance review. To put it differently, I helped them in their promotions.

Benefits of promotions

How did they benefit from these promotions? How will they benefit financially? Each of them will receive an increment of salary. It is a reward for their good performance in the organisation. In other words, they have performed so well in the set rules of their work lives. And I helped each of them in the process. So I felt happy.

These promotions have inspired them. I hope they will certainly give their best for the organisation. Is it so? Then why most of the organisations fail? Because motivation from these promotions does not last for long.

More expectations

But I expect more. I expect them to give their best in every front of life. Am I expecting more? Certainly not. Don’t you want it so? Certainly yes? Can I join hands with you to promote them? Promote them all so that they go to the next higher levels of attitudes, beliefs and mindsets. How will they benefit? How shall we benefit? All of us will certainly become a better version of ourselves.

Cal to action

Why so waiting? Let’s join hands to promote everyone to become his better version. So everyone gives their best performance in the set rules of life.


Let's learn together

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