P/PC balance- How to unleash the power

P/PC. What is it? How do you maintain the P/PC balance? Now, what is P? What PC stands for? What do you mean by P/PC balance? The post will answer these questions surely.

A few months back, I conducted a meeting with my executives to sort out some problems and issues related to productive activities of shops.
We discussed the following problems and their probable causes in details.

  • Issues of missing items from stores. Why are they missing from the stores? What are the reasons? How to solve these issues?
  • Problems of unproductive employees. Why do they produce less? Who is responsible for it? How to make them produce more?
  • Problems of day-to-day communications. What are these problems? Who does make them? Are they line managers? Then, how do they affect production? How to make effective communication?

Finally, We found that the above issues resulted from the imbalance in the P/PC ratio. Who did make this imbalance? Certainly the senior supervisors and line managers.

Now, what is the full form of P and PC? Here “P “means production and “PC “means production capability. Production stands for production of desired results and production capability stands for the ability to produce results.

You can study production and production capability in the 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey in the link https://www.franklincovey.com/the-7-habits.html

An organisation uses human resources, machines so on so forth to make production. Its volume depends much on the P/PC balance. How to make this balance? First, improve your production capability and the focus on production. Otherwise, you will not succeed.

P/PC balance-Analysis

When we analysed the situation, we came to know how the concerned executives behaved. They pressurised the employees hard for achieving results without improving their production capabilities.

As you maintain a very good relationship, so you can improve their motivation level and production capability. But the executives did not do it. So they made the problems to surface.

Too much focus on production (short-term results) and too much focus on production capability are problems. The secret is to strike a balance.

Maintaining the P/PC balance improves our effectiveness in all spheres of life.

My wife is always working hard for the betterment of my family since my marriage. If I do not spend quality time with her and take it granted that she will continue to do so for the rest of her life, I may prove wrong. She will definitely stop doing so very soon. Soon we will be heading for a ruined family. Spending quality time with her enhances her true capability.


So let us unleash the power of P/PC balance in our life. Once suitably unleashed this power can make us better persons and better families.

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