Communication Gap in my Work-Life

Communication gap takes place from lack of communication. Do you agree? I agree.

At first, let’s see what is communication? Then, we’ll see What is a lack of communication?

Then comes, What is a communication gap?

Why does create this gap?

So, Whom to blame for this gap? Who is responsible for this gap?

Does it help for growth? Certainly not.

Then, How to cut the communication gap? Hence you have to read this post.

The present post will answer all these questions.

As a matter of fact, communication is a process in which the sender sends the message and the receiver receives it.

If the receiver understands the message fully, then we call it an effective communication. Effective communication without any communication gap brings growth.

Otherwise, we call it ineffective communication. It takes place from a gap in communication.

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My Work-life experiences.

At around 2-45 PM, one of my colleagues told me over the phone, ‘Sir, please go to attend the ISC meeting at 3 PM in the office of GM (MM)’.

I said, ‘Who did you tell you?’

He said, ‘Manager (MM) told me over the phone.’

At 3 PM, I went to GM (MM) for attending the meeting. He said, ‘We shall have the meeting at 4 PM, not at 3 PM.’

I came back to the office, called my colleague to my office and told him to clarify with the Manager (MM).

My colleague rang up her again. She said, ‘I have told you that we’ll have the meeting at 4 pm, not at 3 pm.’

The outcome of communication Gap 

Initially, Manager (MM) – the first sender sent the message to my colleague the first receiver. She used the medium of the mobile phone.

Instead of sending the message directly to me the second receiver, she sent it to my colleague. He, on his turn, sent the perceived message to me over the phone.

Here neither Manager (MM) nor my colleague did not ask for any feedback to clarify the message.

On my part, I also did not ask for any feedback.

No feedback at any level made the gap.

As a result, I had to go to GM (MM) twice. Once at 3 PM, twice at 4 PM.

How did it happen?

The two senders certainly did not use the right tone of voice, right vocal clarity, and proper expressiveness.

They did not focus on the purpose, content, timing, presentation and right choice of receiver. In other words, they did not send the message in an organized way.

When we communicate over the phone then, we can’t see the facial expressions of the sender or receiver. So we can’t perceive the message fully.

Neither, the senders nor, the receivers asked for the feedback to clarify the message.

Above all, they did not take 100 % responsibility.

All these above problems made the gap in communication.

How to cut the communication gap

  • Take 100 % responsibility.
  • Use the right medium.
  • Know your receiver.
  • Focus on the purpose, content, timing, presentation, and expression.
  • Make the right choice of the receiver.
  • Use the right tone of voice, clear voice, and proper expressiveness.
  • Use feedback.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Practise it.

The communication gap does not help with growth. For the sake of growth, we must avoid communication gap at any cost.

What is your opinion? Do you agree? If not, please don’t forget to comment.


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