My karma makes changes in my life

Who is there? I am your Karma.

What are you doing here? I am in action. I have come here to make some changes in your life. You can see as well as feel the difference. Can’t you see and feel the changes?

Yes. I see and feel the change.

First change

The first change is in my work-life. The change is about my sudden transfer to the new department. I have already discussed it in my earlier post- How do I see my sudden transfer?

Second Change

The second change that is going to happen in the work-life of my elder son. He is well set in his present job at Noida. To set up a new client base in Bangladesh, he will have to move to Dhaka within the second week of April 2019.

Karma, though you have transferred me. I have taken it positively. But you have not stopped. Now you are making a change in the workplace of my elder son. Do you know it will affect my life also? Do you know it will develop stress in the mind of my wife?

Karma, Can’t you stop.

No. I can’t stop. It is because of you. Your thoughts, your actions, and feelings force me to work.

Third Change

So you are planning again to transfer my younger son from India to the USA. You have made him eligible for pursuing his integrated Ph.D. at Virginia Tech University. He will leave for the USA in July or August. I don’t know what is in your mind. But I know what is in my mind. Will he return to India? He is telling that he will return after doing his post-doctorate. In other words, he will return after seven years.

Karma, do you know how these changes change my wife? Don’t you know it also affects me?


Karma says; generally, you resist any change. Why? Because it disturbs your comfort. You don’t want to come out of your comfort zone. Right?

Once you come out of your comfort zone, you see the larger world. You update yourself into your better version. So embrace the change in a positive way.

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