How do I see my sudden transfer?

My recent transfer stopped me walking on the shop floors. But why? Not because of my busy schedule. Not because of my unwillingness to walk. It is because of the nature of the jobs of the present department.

The nature of jobs of the engineering shops – my earlier department involved supervision only. So I moved from one working point to another working point. It helped me. How? I spent more time in the shop floors and less time in the office. It not only made me fit but also kept me away from the file management.

On the other hand, the present department deals with the processing of contractual jobs and procurement of spares and consumables. So the main function of the present department starts and ends with the processing of files related to the above jobs. Even the numbers of files cross 1500 annually.

In view of the above situations, I spend mostly in the office. No scope of walking on the shop floors. It also helps me. How? Going through the files engages my mind and keeps me busy mentally. Always alert. No idle brain. Everyone knows an idle brain is the devil’s workshop. These jobs with no physical work make me sit long hours on the chair.

My first feelings

This sudden transfer just one year before my retirement surprised me. I didn’t expect it at this time. Just before my retirement. My first feelings can be expressed in words ”  Does this transfer punish me? Is it not humiliating? After working for 15 years in shops’ culture, can I adjust in the office culture? The culture of sitting for long hours on a chair.”

My present feelings

But when I thought and thought on the transfer, I realized that the present transfer neither punishes me nor humiliates me. Rather it’s a boon in disguise. I was constantly under the pressure of attending frequent breakdowns. The pressure of arranging suitable resources at any time of the day. For fifteen years, my head was somewhat stressed. This transfer removed my stress at once. No phone calls after 6 PM. Somebody called it a pre-retirement gift. But what is my perception?

Only on this transfer, I can read and scrutinize all the contract and procurement files initiated by all departments under works. It gives me an opportunity to know the strengths and weakness of the files. Then I can declare the file is in order or not. It also improves my analytical power.

This transfer is certainly GOD-gifted. It not only releases my stress but also give me opportunity to learn new things and work in a relaxed manner. It is a boon to me. Thank you God.



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