Enjoying four hours in my native place

Enjoying four hours in my native place was a great thing. Why only four hours? Why not twenty-four hours or more? Do these four hours value more to us than those twenty-four hours?

We went to Nagpur for removal of inserts of the leg of my son and returned to Kolkata on February 3, 2019.

My nephew would celebrate the first rice ceremony of his son in my native place on February 7, 2019. My elder son though not fully recovered from the surgery wounds, insisted to attend the ceremony. So we started early from Kolkata by car and reached our native place at around 10 AM. We planned to leave the ceremony after lunch. Because the doctor of Appolo Hospital, Kolkata would cut the stitches of my son the next day.

All our relatives came to our place to attend the first rice ceremony. So we could meet all our relatives, both close and distant. My son could meet his brothers after a few years. My mother, brother and  other relatives also felt very happy. Moreover, I could meet some of my old friends there. We enjoyed every moment of those four hours. The excitement, enjoyment and happiness made our stay memorable. We could not make out when our scheduled departure time arrived.

Meeting the relatives and sharing our pleasures and pains among them bring all of us closer. It made our bonding stronger. Sharing pleasures increase our pleasures manifold, whereas pains shared shrink.

Good relatives and friends act as a balm on wounds. Our pains vanish and we start to enjoy every moment. Enjoying every moment with them makes us happy. Because it refreshes our relationships and hence our minds. So find every opportunity to spend time with your good relatives and friends. If you can’t find the opportunity, then create it and enjoy it. This will make us happy at once.


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