Overcome Challenges successfully – life lessons

Do you want to overcome challenges? How to overcome challenges?
If the answer is yes, this story of my 85 years old mother can motivate you.
Who did motivate my mother?
How was she motivated to overcome challenges? Let us have patience.

In the first place, Vrindavan is famous for beautiful temples and violent monkeys.

Our first-day visit started with one such temple. All of a sudden, one monkey rushed to my mother to snatch her spectacle from hand. Seeing that the nearbyTOTO driver promptly ran to slap the monkey. Consequently, the monkey fled away,  causing minor injury on the back of her right palm.

To begin with our second-day visit, we started for one temple on a hill of Mathura. On the other hand, monkeys of  Mathura are harmless.
The way to the temple was made of concrete steps. My 85 years old mother climbed up several steps and said “My legs are paining. I shall not be able to reach the temple. I am waiting here”. With this in mind, she sat on one concrete step.

We all started climbing the steps. As Mainak, my elder son and I were climbing the steps with fast speed, we two visited the temple first, hence, we from the top could see my mother climbing the steps with the help of Soma.

“What happened”? I said.
Soma said,” one monkey sat down beside our mother. Afraid our mother shouted at me and started climbing steps”.

 Facing challenges: What happens with fear

Climbing steps with aching legs was an impossible challenge for my mother. The sight of money beside her injected fear whin her, that, in turn, changed her perception. In view of her change in her perception, she started viewing her problems of pains in legs as minor issues and started climbing steps.

Fear is the powerful motivator with its basic survival mechanism. Fear of monkey not only shrank her issues of pains in the leg but also motivated her to climb steps.

Unless we are challenged, we go on harping on smaller problems and issues, our life becomes monotonous. We live a lifeless life.

In view of facing challenges in our life, we focus hard on tackling the challenge. In that case, we forget our small problems and issues. Our so-called pains disappear.

Challenge in life is a boon in disguise. It helps to make our life livelier and more fabulous. We start living a fabulous life.

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