Right decision-making: Tips learnt

The right decision is difficult to take at the right moment..


Do you agree? I agree.

Because I learnt it from my life experiences.

Why is decision-making difficult? Because it involves many steps.

A decision-making process involves these steps.

  • Defining and Identifying the decision.
  • Gathering information and generating alternatives
  • Evaluating alternative
  • Choosing the right alternative based on the evaluation.
  • Implementing the decision.

The present story will certainly show the above steps and guide us on how to take the right decision at the right moment.

 After passing out from Asansol Ramakrishna Mission, Anish- my son went to Ramakrishna Mission School, Narendrapurl, Kolkata to continue his study.

 After spending two weeks at Ramakrishna Mission School, Narendrapurl, Kolkata  Anish expressed his unwillingness, “I can not continue my studies at Narendrapur, please take me back to Asansol.” We insisted,” in spite of so many general rules and restrictions of the Institution.,Ramakrishna Mission School,


Narendrapurl, Kolkata is the best school for study ” We counselled him during our visits to Narendrapur. But we failed.

Climax situation pushed to right decision-making

After one month, one day, the Maharaj in charge of Hostels told us …..“Anish is very adamant to leave Narendrapur.  His behaviours are erratic as well as violent. Under these circumstances, he may commit suicide any time. So please take him to Asansol for counselling”.  He continued, “If he responds to counselling and agrees to come back, then take him to us, we shall allow him to join. Otherwise, withdraw him from the Institute”.

Then I gave an undertaking in writing …. “I am taking Anish to my home at Asansol for three days for counselling. If he understands the situation by counselling, then we shall bring him back to Narendrapur. If he fails to understand, then, I shall withdraw him from Ramakrishna Mission School, Narendrapur”.

W,e the family members along with my relatives, his friends, his favourite teacher and earlier Maharaj of Ramakrishna Mission School, Asansol (where Anish was reading up to class X) were counselling him.  But all failed.

We then allowed him to take the crucial decision on his own. After gaining permission from his mother, he went to a local school with his friend with a purpose of readmission and continuing his studies at Asansol.

When he reached the school, he found three students with smoking cigarettes on their lips were coming out of the school. As he started climbing upstairs, then he saw goat droppings scattered here and there.

Seeing that, he returned to the home, rang me up to tell me that he would continue to study at Narendrapur, not at Asansol.

Right decision at the right moment-Analysis

Anish re-evaluated the two choices himselfwith the help of his experiences and information gathered at the school at Asansol and the school at Narendrapur. He chose the best option or made the right decision to continue study at Narendrapur. He went back to Narendrapur for implementing his right decision. The right decision of continuing study at Narendrapur ultimately brought Anish to NIT Durgapur for pursuing his B.Tech (ECE). Thus Anish started to live a fabulous life. It made our lives also more fabulous.

Right decision at the right moment- Few Tips

  • Identify the choice to be made at the right moment
  • Collect relevant information
  • Identify options
  • Evaluate, if necessary re-evaluate the options
  • Choose the best choice for making the right decision.
  • Implement the right decision at the right moment
  • Live a fabulous life

People who have difficulty in making the right decisions at the right moment are less likely to succeed in life. Right decision at the right moment helps to live a fabulous life




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