Interests in interested and interesting persons?

Interests in interested and interesting persons? Do you know who are they? How do they differ in interests? In that case, please read the post.

The interested person is full of interests at all times. His interests go from an ant to a mountain top. Interest comes from love. He loves whoever comes on his way of life. Thus he shows interest in others. So he knows what others like or dislike. Hence he boosts the confidence level of others who love and respect him too. For this reason, he can mix with strangers and talk to them with much more ease. He finds interest in new things, new information, new concepts, new knowledge and so on. So he likes books or any other source of knowledge very much. As a result, he learns fast. The more learning, the more growth. Moreover he likes self-discipline, self-development, self-care and so on. The interested persons have these character traits.

How to be interested

  • Love– When you love the jobs, you not only grow interest in them but also do them well. Similarly as you love your co-workers  you show interest in others.
  • Knowledge– Reading books or any other source of knowledge help you to gather knowledge. The more knowledge, the more interest you show in your jobs.
  • Positive emotion– If your jobs suit you, you feel good in doing jobs. It improves your engagement in jobs and you feel interested.
  • Personal value– You have some personal values. you live for them. If those values match with the values of others, you show your interests in them.

The interesting person always makes himself interesting. As a result when you interact with him, you receive a comfortable, enriching and interesting experience. He thinks, speaks, feels and acts interesting at all times. But how does it happen? As he thinks interesting thoughts, he uses interesting and funny words when he opens his mouth. So go his feelings. When he feels interesting and happy internally, he laughs, cut jokes and makes others happy and joyous. In that case, he makes his work-life and home life easy. The interesting persons have these character traits.

How to be interesting

  • Genuine and honest approach- Every one likes the genuine and honest person. So try to be genuine and honest.
  • Touch when you talk- When you touch someone, you help the secretion of oxytocin in their brains. As a result they trust you and feel good about you.
  • Bring the best in others- If you can do this, you grow your leadership qualities. Leaders are interesting persons.
  • Balance work and play-  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. True. All work no play brings monotony. So design play in tea breaks or any other breaks as a leader. Then the coworkers find you interesting.
  • Greet people with handshake and smile – When you do this , both of you and coworkers feel good. You become more interesting.
  • Use fun in workplace- Use funny ways to spread creativity in your workplace. You can consider funny posters. Even you can celebrate funny day when every one can use fun. It makes you interesting

The two persons live in you. They lose their identity to become you. So be interested in every positive aspect of your and others’ lives as well as enjoy every moment with self and others. In the same fashion, be interesting to others for making your life easy.

I am a interested person. I take interests in others. But I have to work hard to be more interesting. Then I can make my posts more interesting. Thank you very much for reading this post.

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