How you respond shapes your life

How you respond shapes your life?

90% of how you respond builds the shape of your life.

So, think, before you respond or react.

The better you think, the better you decide. The better you decide, the better you act.

When you act better, you get better results. The better results you get, the better the shape of life you have.

Common ways how you respond:

A lucrative job offer comes to you from a place, a thousand kilometres away from your hometown. A stimulus comes to you. How do you respond here? You have two choices. Either you accept it or you reject it. You may think like this. If I accept the offer, I shall move to the distant town; I shall miss my parents there. Accordingly, you reject the offer. This response on your part takes away a better life.

“Anish makes me angry.” My wife always complains. A particular act of Anish stimulates my wife. She does not find any space between stimulus and response, so, she responds reactively and makes herself angry. In other words, Anish does not make her angry, she makes herself angry.

The above two examples show the results when we respond in a reactive way. On the other hand, we get a better shape of life if we respond to every situation in a proactive way.

How you respond

When I do not take responsibility, can’t find any space between stimulus and response and can’t change things in the intended direction for better results, I respond in a reactive way.

Contrary, I take full responsibility and can find a space between stimulus and response when I am proactive. Once I adopt a proactive approach, I can predict the problems and change things in the intended direction for better results. I consciously choose the correct response and act so. Then  I choose a happy, a healthy, or a successful life and I get so. You can have a better idea of reactive and proactive response in

“In living life at 90 percent, the formula is life is 10 percent of what happens to you and 90 percent of how you react to it.”

-Diamond Dallas Page.

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