Change attitude-Change your life.

Change attitude to change your life. Why change your attitude? Because you want to make your life better. A better life means a more successful life.

Positive attitudes make a successful life, while negative attitudes make an unsuccessful life.

Now how does a positive attitude brings success?

The story shows it clearly.

A story of positive attitudes

In our degree awarding convocation in the year 1982, two renowned Ustads, one sarod player and one tabla player were doing Jugalbandi performance on the stage. During the climax of the Jugalbandi performance, suddenly a string of sarod tore. The tabla player did not stop, on the contrary, he entertained the audience with his superb tabla playing skills.

In the meantime, the sarod player started making the sarod ready. With this in mind, he took out the damaged string, replaced it with new ones and tuned it perfectly. When he made his sarod ready and joined the tabla player in the right moment, the house applauded the two. The music went beyond time and space.

Change attitude to positive attitude

See the positive attitude of the tabla player. Instead of stopping, he kept on playing his magical solo performance on the tabla to entertain the audience.

See the attitude of the sarod player. How he handled the difficult situation is praiseworthy. He maintained his cool, made the sarod ready and joined the tabla player in the right time.

Both of them had positive attitudes. Each of them played his role and made his life easy on the stage. Consequently, they delivered at the end. The audience enjoyed the music.

It clearly showed how positive attitudes of the musicians helped them to succeed on the stage.

Outline of attitudes: change attitude

Your parents, grandparents and your friends play an important role. They shape your attitude in your childhood. They may put destructive attitudes in you also. When friends say,” If someone insults you, insult him instantly “, then they put a negative attitude in your mind. Thus, your attitude forms on how others behave with you. In other words, how others behave with you shape your attitude and you grow this attitude in the future.

Change attitude to Change your life

But the behaviors of others can’t change your attitude unless you don’t want to change it. The others can see and measure your behavior. They can’t see and measure your attitude. So they can’t change your attitude. You only can change your attitude.  

The Iceberg model can explain it clearly.10 % of an iceberg remains above the sea-level, where, 90 % remains below the sea-level. People can see 10% only. They can see your behaviors. They can’t see your attitude.

Your attitude controls your behaviors which in turn control your life. The positive attitude or right attitude in every situation brings success, while the negative attitudes cause negative behaviors. They cause negativity in life with no success.

So, we can conclude, if want to change your life, change attitude to change your life.   





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