Key to success : Feel I am the king

Key to success you are searching for. Then Feel I am the King. Not the slave.Have a wonderful feeling inside instantly.

As soon as I completed marketing at the Daily market like every Sunday, today I started walking carrying three bags full of vegetables and fishes towards my car. I got bogged down carrying the load. I was not feeling good inside. Three bags were weighing more.

Suddenly the feeling of “I am the King, not the slave” dominated me. My confidence increased, which in turn changed my style of walking, straightened my spine. My both hands became strong enough to carry the load. I was walking like a king with my upright face. Immediately my tiredness vanished, and I felt comfortable with the state of my mind and body. I felt good. My mood swayed to the highest energetic level. Suddenly my jovial mood made the load lighter.

A king rules his kingdom. Everybody carries out his orders. The rich mentality of king changes your attitude towards your work. You start feeling free and focused. You find meaning in your work and complete it successfully in time.
A slave is not free but attached to his master. The slave carries out the orders of his master without his willingness. I was also playing the role of a slave when I carried a load of vegetables and fishes in a morose mood.

Similarly, when you feel depleted of energy, You have certainly indulged in feeling I am the slave, not the king. Then Start feeling I am the King, not the slave. Your energy level would go up; your confidence would increase, And your confidence, in turn, propels you to success.

Key to success: Feel I am the King, not the slave

Feeling I am the king is a frame of reference. From this frame, you see yourself as the king and act so. On the contrary, feeling I am the slave is another frame of reference. From this frame, you see yourself as the slave and act so.

Depending on your frame of reference Your perception changes. How you look at things changes. How you look at things determines how you think inside, which in turn determines how you act. Your success or failure depends on it.

Finally, feel I am the king, not the slave is the key to success.


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