How to see yourself and others

How you see yourself decides how much you succeed. Let me explain it here.

How you see yourself

What you think and what you do makes your class- class of eternal good self.  So don’t do anything that reduces your worth. But, on the other hand, don’t think anything that weakens you too. Soon after, you will boost up your self-esteem and succeed. You can read more about self-esteem here.

You are right or wrong.

All the time, you believe that you are right. Still, others don’t need to be wrong. Why don’t you see their perspective? Please do it. You will see a new world where you don’t see any conflicts. With no conflicts within your team, you get your jobs done by your team members quickly.

Responsibility versus blaming

You believe you are responsible enough. So you take responsibility. Then why do you blame others? Let me explain why. Despite your hard work, one of your projects failed. At that point, you stopped taking responsibility for your failure. But, on the other hand, you made your colleague responsible. In other words, you blamed him. Let me explain the mechanics of blaming here.

On blaming, you focus to see others’ faults, so you can’t see yours. So you keep on making mistakes and fail. As a result, you can not make yourself ready to take up the challenge ahead. So don’t blame others. Instead, focus on your self-development. At that point, your challenge shrinks in size; you take more responsibility and succeed.

How to see yourself and others

Think of your positive side all the time. Do what makes you optimistic. Then you feel pride whatever you think and do. So focus on all the positive aspects.

Love and accept yourself, although you have some shortcomings. Feel pride in it. Once you are proud, That isn’t to say you can hurt others. Be at ease with yourself. Be at ease with others too. So don’t undermine others. When you do so, you are doing injustice to yourself too. You and others are part of the universal soul. So make a goal never to devalue or undermine yourself; love and accept yourself as you are. Love others too. And live a great life.

How to see yourself and others

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