Inner dialogues with my body and mind

Inner dialogues happen to us each day. How and what happened to me today is given below.

After a long time, I straighten my spine, sit cross-legged, closed my eyes and start focussing on how I inhale and exhale air through my nose. Next few minutes, I can not make out what is happening inside me. I hear some voice. ThenĀ  I try to understand who is speaking to me. Finally, I can feel that my body is speaking to me. I can feel that my body is unhappy with me.

Inner dialogues with my body

My body says, “I agree; you feed me nutritious foods. But I can not digest them properly. You drink sufficient water. Still, my throat dries up. In the end, I look aged. I wonder why I look pale and why my body does not glow. Can you answer me?” These are the inner dialogues with my body.

When I speak to my mind

Then I hear another voice. This time it’s my mind. My mind answers,” He has kept me full. Full with lots of tension, anxiety, hate and so on. So how can you secret enzymes to digest foods? As you can do so, you don’t get energy. So you look pale and aged. And you don’t glow.”

Then I lose patience and say, “What to do now?”

Inner dialogues

My mind replies, “Straighten your spine, sit cross-legged, close your eyes, do pranayam, sit for meditation, empty me and then fill me with love, respect, gratefulness, kindness and so on. Make a habit of meditation. Once you do so, I become free of tension, hate, anxiety. So I can love, respect, like and thank everyone. As a result, your body can digest foods with ease. Thus, you feel energetic.”

If each of us makes this habit, we can become perfect citizens. Our world will become a better place.

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