Vaccine – A poem


The bumblebee within me

Wants to make a new me

So it speaks softly,

“I now go to the oasis of God

Not to taste the nectar of flowers

But to bring the drink of God.

Let me tell you why

I will make a vaccine for your mind.”

I howl a little,

then I softly say

“What’s wrong with my mind?”

“It’s infected with hatred-

hatred for humankind.”

Awed and speechless

I stand

When I come to sense

Then I let it fly.

So it swings its wings

Flies to the garden of God

Sits on the plant

That gives a drink of God

Takes it comes to me

Makes a vaccine for me

Thus it changes me to a new me-

It’s a new person full of love.

Can I now request all of you

 To let your minds change

After the bumblebees vaccinate you.

So let’s now build the new world

with new you and me

Thus it’d be a world

Free of hatred

full of love.


Let's learn together

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