Villager’s views

Villager’s views:
In a hot midday
I feel sleepy;
I lie under a tree
To refresh my body.

villager's view

Under banyan tree
Cows rest
With eyes closed
And the tired body,
While the cowboy
Plays his flute
One bird chirps
I don’t know its name
One crow caws
Other drinks water
Dripping from the tap.
One dove forages
On the village pathway
Other flies at a speed

When monkey swings tail.
A squirrel runs on the tree,
the ducks float on the water.

The breeze cools me
So I find all at peace
No one is in danger
All are free and nice
So nourishing is nature
Looking so happy,
Showing a smile
On her face
The smile and happiness
Spreads from branches to leaves
From the sky to the clouds
From the seas to the mountains
Nourishing my soul and body
Can you see the smile
Can you feel the happiness
Tying us all with
The world and the universe
So let’s spend more on nature.

Let's learn together

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