Control what you want to do to improve your life.

“You can’t always control the wind, but you can control your sails.”

-Dr. Bob Chope.
When you sail a boat on the sea, then you can not avoid the fury of the wind. Even you can not control it. The danger is If you don’t take any actions then, it may change the course of your boat; also, it may roll it. The point is, what can you do to move your boat forward? Let’s see what you have in your hands. Yes, you have sails that you can move at your will.


It happens a lot in your life too. Some situations surprise you, but you can not control them.

What you can and can not control

Let’s now talk about your birth and parents who have borne you. You can not deny that they are your parents, whether you like them or not. Simply put, you don’t have any control over your birth that starts your life. Your parents have raised you in the best way they knew. Now, it’s your turn. How to turn your life? Now you have two options. Either you can blame your parents or make the life you want. To be sure you will do what makes your life.

Now the thing is no one can make you do what you want. So I can safely say now you can control what you do. Am I clear?

What happens when you don’t control

Let’s see what happens when you don’t do so? In the case of sailing, when you don’t move your sails, you can not transfer your boat at your will. Wind will control your boat; even it can throw you into the sea. If you escape somehow, you will start blaming the wind. But you will not find your faults.


In the case of the family episode, when you don’t do what you need to do to make your life, you can not succeed in life. Why so? Then you keep yourself so busy blaming your parents. So you don’t find time to do the activities that will make your life. When you don’t manage the events, they will control you. Then you live a life you don’t want. So what to do if you want an experience of your choice?

What to do

Decide first what you want in life. Once decided so, you have set your long-term goal. If necessary, break it into small and simple short term goals. After that, make a micro plan what, when, and how to achieve your goals one by one. If you don’t do so, you will not stand to curb all the activities. At that moment, you will see them control you. Once you have made your micro plan, devote a great deal of time and effort to put it in action. Then you are sure to achieve your goal. So success is just around the corner.


Life has some situations you can not manage, but life has some activities you need to control for your success; otherwise, they will control you.

So you can cot control everything, but you can control what you want to do to improve your life.



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