Leave the past and live in the present.

Leave the past, live in the present, and make a difference. Let me explain it here.

“It’s no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”

― Lewis Carroll.

Every morning the sun rises, as you do. Every day it shines with the same energy. Tha’s the way the sun does.

But, when it comes to your turn,  do you feel the same enthusiasm today as you had yesterday? Maybe you had spent yesterday in so a joyful state of mind – the state of mind you had never had in the last few years. You’d perhaps remember yesterday for many days to come.

Leave the past

But the point is not how you had spent your past. The point is how you spend the present. If you spend most of your time thinking about yesterday, then you will have low energy today. Then how will you give your best today? It’s today that makes the foundation of tomorrow.

Simply put, spending much time in the past, not in the present, is as good as you had lost the path in a cave. Once you lose your way, you can’t reach anywhere, how best you try. You can’t make a difference,

How to leave the past?

Let me explore it further.

If you want to make your future exactly the way you want, then you need to start today.

How will you start today? You will certainly do so when you plan and take specific steps as per the plan. Everyone knows you can’t plan in the past. Even you can’t take action in the past. A man of the past can not make a plan. Then who can do so? It’s you – the man in the present who can do so.  So you need to leave the past, live in today, make the plan, and take the necessary steps to make a difference in life.

leave the past

It’s not easy. You need to devote a great deal of time and effort today. So, you’d find less time thinking about the past. If you can make this habit, it’d be your best habit that makes the difference in your life.

Call to action:

So, leave the past, live in the present, and make a difference.


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