My mother has made my life what I lead now

My mother has made my life what I lead now. Why so? Let me explain.

“Men are what their mothers made them.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The above line speaks volumes for all mothers. How so? It shows how they influence the lives of their sons. It’s for sure all of you agree to it.

Yes, my mother has made my life what I lead now. Let me tell you why?

My mother

The habit of reading books

She could not pass the class 4th standard. But she used to read Ramayana daily. Still, she maintains her reading habit now. So I learned to love reading books. I owe it to her. But I always see her behave more than how an educated lady does.

Let me illustrate here how she educates me.

The discipline of my mother:

She leads a disciplined life. How? She gets up early in the morning and goes to bed at 9 p.m. She never takes foods that don’t nourish her. Black tea she likes to drink. She does not consume any milk, although she eats paneer. How many so-called educated persons can maintain such discipline? No one goes ahead in life without discipline. So I never break the discipline.

Cleanliness of my mother:

You can say, cleanliness is her second nature. She gets her clothes cleaned and keeps them in order. Still, she keeps her room and bed tidy.

So I learned cleanliness from her.


We are four brothers and sisters. If some food items come to her custody, she will equally distribute them to us.

So I learned a lesson of non-discrimination from her.


Her behavior sometimes teaches me to help others. Occasionally she teaches me not to waste food. How does she do so?

I can recollect one incident in my childhood. My Sister-in-law had a bad habit of wasting food. Let me tell you how? She used to cook food more than we could consume. Why did she do so?

More guests who used to come to my brother before noon for some business were requested to take lunch in our home. To feed them, she would need to cook food again. But She won’t take extra pain to cook food the second time, so she cooked more. The next morning she gave the extra food to cows.

But my mother did not like it; at night, she used to provide the extra food to my neighbors who were starving. So I could know helping others helps me.

So she early taught me how to become a better person. Her teachings have made my life.

“The only person who can love you in the world is Your mother (real)
She forgets within seconds the bad behavior you did with her, she comes backs again with love!”
― Akshay Me

So love and respect your mother.




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