Way to success in my life starts with me.

Way to success in my life starts with my parents or me. This thought was bothering me for long.

One day, I was on a visit to the shop floor. All of a sudden, one poster caught my eye. Why so? It displayed “safety starts with me.” One idea flashed my mind. What was it?  What if “way to success” replaced the word ” Safety”? I said to myself, “If safety can start with me, then why the way to success in my life can not start with me.” Here the post takes birth. Let me explain it here.

How I react to a situation depends on me, not on others, and so starts with me. No one can make me respond in a particular way. So I cannot say, “He made me mad.” How can I respond?  I can choose to be proactive or reactive. Am I right?

To put it differently, being proactive or reactive starts with me. All of you know my reactive approach brings conflict in my life. Instead, my proactive approach brings success to my life.

In our work life, the Head of the Department creates some boundary conditions for us. How does he do so?  He fixes our job responsibility. So he expects our effectiveness on all fronts.

Unless I take 100 % responsibility and suitable initiatives, I can not do my jobs more effectively. In that case, the Head of the Department can not make me responsible and effective. My effectiveness depends on how I take initiatives and hence doesn’t depend on others. You can read my post here.

Way to success

Further Analysis

If I spend time to develop myself, my self-development will start. It grows my confidence leading to success. So nobody can make me fail. Nobody can make me succeed. So the activities that I do make me fail or succeed. So success nucleates in me.

The issues and problems indeed come to me. But their size and complexity change with how I perceive. If I see the challenges as opportunities, the sizes shrink, and the solutions appear before me. If I do the opposite, my problems magnify. So it makes me pessimistic. I don’t find the answers.

The relationship becomes strong when I lay the bricks of my love and compassion. How I love my wife or my employees inspires her or them. So I can safely say the relationship starts with me too.

Way to success

Similarly, no one can make me poor if I choose to be poor.  If I do not wish to be healthy, no one can make me healthy.
If I go on making the list of real-life examples, I shall be tired soon. So I can say everything in my life safely starts with me.

Way to success in my life starts with me.

So every important aspect of my life starts with me. Everything depends on me.  Let me choose to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and loving. No one can make me succeed. Why so? The success depends on the deliberate action on my part. Nobody can stop me from achieving in life.

Way to success

Way to success in my life starts with me. If it happens to me, it will happen to you.


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