Free your mind- why and how to do it

Free your mind. Why free it? How does it help you? Such questions arise undoubtedly.
The mind is empty. Is it normal for you? No, not. Then what is the natural tendency of your mind? It tends to be always occupied with so many thoughts, internal dialogues, feelings, anger, hatred, anguish, resentment, and so on.

How do they occupy a mind?

How do they occupy? Life long conditioning makes room for these thoughts and feelings. How does such conditioning happen? Your parents, relatives, friends, teachers, and society do so knowingly, unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally. So these thoughts and feelings are deep-rooted. Now two questions arise.
How do they affect you?
How to get rid of them?
I shall answer these questions one by one.

Need to free your mind

When you can not free your mind, then you fail to find your real identity. Why so? Such a mind can not focus on undivided attention. So you have a  tense mind. Itis not so relaxed. A tense mind blurs your eight sights. So how you look at things change. As a result, your perception as well as attitude change.

So you look at the blue sky, but can not see the real blue colour. As a result, you can not enjoy the beauty of the blue sky fully. Similarly, when you go to a mountain top covered with white ice, you can not enjoy it because you miss being present in the present moment. So you spend the life. You don’t live a life in real sense.

How to free your mind?

Now let me attempt how to free our mind. Our mind always wanders. So we need to meditate to control this wandering mind. The traditional meditation techniques make our wandering minds still. But they don’t help us to free our minds completely. What happens then? Our minds don’t release the negative thoughts and feelings; instead, they suppress them. Accordingly, these thoughts and emotions settle at the bottom of our minds. So when favourable conditions appear, they come out more strongly.

Free your mind

So try to do Osho Dynamic meditation. Follow these steps.

  • Do chaotic breathing for ten minutes
  • Express whatever is inside you. Do it for ten minutes
  • Raise your arms, make sound, ” hoo, hoo, hoo.” Do it for ten minutes.
  • Stop and freeze wherever you are. Do it for fifteen minutes.
  • Celebrate and express your gratitude through dance. Do it for fifteen minutes.

Free your mind

You can read the book, “If It could happen to Buddha, why not you?” by Vasant Joshi. You can read about catharsis here

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