Party- a social gathering with so many benefits

Party is a social gathering with so many benefits. How does it benefit us?

Probably this was the last wedding party I attended in Evelyn Lodge, where I stay now. Let me tell you why? I would superannuate within the next six months, and after that, I would have to leave my present residence. Moreover, none of the current colleagues of  Evelyn lodge either has marriageable sons or daughters. So no chance to receive an invitation to such a party in the next six months.

What does an invitation mean to me

Let me tell you why I feel good when I receive a request to a party. If you read the post, then you will know the answer.

To me, such an invitation brings a get-together. It lets our colleagues and friends come and share their untold stories. It enables them to unfold the ups and downs of their lives as well. Our anxieties and stresses shrink in sizes. So we laugh and sometimes giggle. It adds fun, enjoyment, and happiness to our accounts. Everyone from Burnpur and Asansol calls us ” Kulti family”. Yes, all of us behave like family members. We feel comfortable with each other.

The party I am talking about now made a massive gathering of old friends and colleagues of Kulti Works. Thanks to my beloved friend Kajal who arranged the wedding party.

When I started meeting my former colleagues one by one, then I either hugged him or shook his hand at once. Do you know what happened next? Our hearts melted, and our faces smiled. It removed the impurities of stress from our hearts and minds. The happiest moments came when we refreshed our memories about how we spent our old days together. We went back to the early golden age of Kulti works. Sometimes we talked about our health, society, whereabouts of family members, and so on. Everyone felt good. Age posed no bar.  You can guess or measure our feelings or happiness if you look at our smiling faces.


The next day too, one of our beloved retired colleagues invited us to the wedding party of his daughter at Burnpur. I didn’t miss the opportunity. Why? I could mix with friends and colleagues there.



Party- a social get-together

When people get together and spend time together on a social occasion,  then we call it a get-together. But it has a particular purpose. The above get-togethers were arranged to celebrate wedding ceremonies. Apart from the wedding purpose, it has helped us to enjoy the moments of togetherness. Relishing party foods is not so important to us. We gave importance to relishing the moments of enjoyable friendship. What makes us feel good. The feel-good hormones secrete, recharge our life batteries, and extend our life span by a few seconds. In this connection, you can read the post – Good relationship improves your lifespan.

So don’t miss any opportunity to attend a social party.


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