Number of variables – make it less in life.

Number of variables. Make it less in life. You know why? Otherwise, it will make your life complex.  So, make it simple. You can have a better idea if you read this post.

Algebraic word problems

When you want to solve a word problem of algebra, then you have to express it in the form of a few linear equations. Every equation has several variables. You don’t know their values. If you want to find out the values, then what will you do? You must follow this general guideline. It goes like this. If you’re going to solve a particular problem, then make linear equations and make their number equal to or more than that of variables. More the number of variables, more the number of equations. When a problem is complex, then it has more numbers of variables and equations. So to solve the problems with more variables, you will use more time and energy.

The old story and number of variables

The old story that I read somewhere will show here how the number of variables made the life of a pious man miserable. He went to the outskirt of his village to worship God.

The other day one mouse cut his two clothes. So he decided to keep a cat with him. Do you know why? It would protect from the mouse. But he needed milk for feeding the cat.

Consequently, he brought a cow. You know why? It would give milk for the cat. Yes, it solved the supply of milk. But how to arrange grass, milk the cow and clean cow dung daily? All these activities the pious man performed, made him busy for the whole day.

In short, it stopped his worship. What a contrast? He wanted to devote his time to worship God, whereas he spent his time now in worldly things. In other words, he chose the variables of the cat, then a cow,  grass, milking, cow dung one by one, and made his life complex.

Context of real-life experiences

Apart from this story, you can see or hear so many real-life experiences. You can search in your neighbourhood, your office, or your society, and so on. In each case, to be sure, you will see how the person or woman concerned suffers much because of the variables he chooses in life.

So make the number of variables less in life and make it simple. What about your views?

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