Android phone of my wife talks to me.

The Android phone of my wife talks to me. How?

“My busy schedule has consumed my energy. So I don’t get rest at my will. I am giving you the details of my busy schedule for your consideration. Please read it with compassion.

My busy schedule

In the morning, I have some breathing time. Because she makes herself busy, does not find any time unless you go to your office. So she leaves me alone. Not for long. Only for two hours.

After that, she starts WhatsApp and uses me to send good morning messages to her friend and her groups. Then she opens YouTube for listening to music. So I sing and She listens. It happens in the drawing-room.

She will then go to the kitchen and again open YouTube and learns how to make a special dish for her younger son. As she moves, So I move from the bedroom to the drawing-room, from the drawing-room to the kitchen and so on.

When she makes herself free from the kitchen, she brings me to the drawing-room. She either talks to her friends, relatives or sits for doing fabric work. She will again choose the right design for her bed sheet or saree from Google.

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Only in the bedroom and in the morning, I take some rest. When she goes to the toilet, I feel relaxed for some time. At night when she switches off mobile data, I get complete rest. When she forgets, I still work to receive WhatsApp messages from her friends and groups who sleep late at night.

My appeal to the users of android phone

Can you tell me why she is making me so busy? After all, I need some rest. If I don’t get enough rest, I get heated and internal parts wear out. My life shortens. In order to keep me busy, she is also making herself engaged all the time.

OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay

Though she spends much time in creative work like fabric work, don’t you think that she needs some relaxation? So tell her to use me less. It is better for her as well as for my health. Please tell her to read the bad effects in the link
Thank you in advance. I believe you can convince her to use me less”, whispers the android phone of my wife.

I think the above voice is relevant to each of us who uses an android phone. Please treat them with compassion. Use them less.


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