Do everything for your health

Early in the morning, I want to meet you. But I can not do it, as I get up late. Do you know why? I go to bed late. But today I met you in the morning, spent half an hour with you. Within that short period, you changed me a lot. I felt so peaceful inside. I don’t know how much power you have. But I have seen when I meet you; I notice a change in my mind, energy and health.

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You work me, shake me and help me to release my tension. You make me sweat and burn my calorie. In other words, you make me physically, mentally and spiritually fit. When you come to me, you bring fresh oxygen to every cell of my body and removes carbon dioxide from there. How does it benefit me? It clears of stress and anxiety from my body and mind.

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Sometimes you invite me to meet you on the green field. But I don’t respond to it? You speak to me. How?

You: If you don’t want to be well, nobody can make you well. The test results of your blood show borderline sugar. Am I right?  Then why don’t you walk in the morning? Don’t you love yourself?

I: Yes, I do.

You: I don’t think so. If you love yourself, then you would have loved me and started meeting me regularly. You forget that everything is worthless except your good health.

Here the word “you” points to either or combination of physical exercises, morning walks, evening walks, yoga and asanas, pranayama or meditation so on. On the other hand, the word “I” points to any individual.



Health is the most precious thing in your life. Do any or combination of the above physical activities and improve your health.

So do everything for your health.

“There’s nothing more important than our good health – that’s our principal capital asset.”

-Arlen Specter.

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