A converses with B – What I learnt.

A converses with B. The conversation goes like this,

A: I always come before you. But nobody can see me where everyone can see you.

B: Right. You are right to some extent. Yes, nobody can measure you directly. But everyone can assess me. Still, you manifest in me.

A: Right you are. Anybody who measures you can feel me too. In other words, I relate to you, and you link to me. How? I stay inside the human mind, and you make yourself visible when human beings do some act.

B: Suppose one iceberg is floating on seawater. Its10 % is above the sea. 90 % is below the sea. Human beings can see me at 10 %, but they can not see you, for you are inside the sea.

A: I agree with you. Do you know you depend on me? But I don’t rely on you. But every human being needs me if he wants to go up the ladder of success. Why? I determine the altitude of success. Moreover, if I am not made right, I can change you. Even I can cause people to fail too.

B: Yes, I know it. The culture, society, upbringing environment, education of people make a change in you. You in your turn, change me. Do you know who changes me except you? It is C or consequence. Suppose a man is driving his car with good speed. When he sees a speed breaker ahead, he slows down his car. Why? He knows what would happen if he does not slow down. He changes his behaviour only when apprehending a consequence. So I change.

A converses with B

A converses with B- What I learnt

Can my blogger friends guess who is A, B, or C? A denotes the attitude of a person, B means his behaviour, and C shows the consequence he is going to face if he does not change his behaviour.

Let’s move forward with this knowledge of A, B, and C. An well-behaved person with a perfect attitude is a gift to society. Let’s make a better society.

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