How I visualize to improve my level of joy inside.

How do I visualize to improve my level of joy inside? Then please read the post.

All tourists have left the beach. Then to surrender to the lap of The Mother Earth, I lie on the beach at night. Now I feel the soft touch of the soft sand. Its affection heals my body pain. Besides, the sea sings songs for me to relax my mind. Above all, the moon sends moonlight to take care of me like my mother. You know how? Her delicate fingers of light move slow on my forehead. Then my eyelids become heavy. So I cannot keep my eyes open anymore.

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What do I do next? Then I fill my lungs with the fresh air. As a result, I have a relaxed body and mind. Now my body lies like a dead body on the beach, and my mind stops wandering. Now I can hear my heart beating with rhythms in peace. I can feel oxygen rejuvenates every cell of my body as well. Slowly I start enjoying every moment in silence. I think a stream of happiness spreads over the sky of mind too.

I visualize the above scene to improve the level of my joy inside. What about you?


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