Out of box thinking helps you to succeed.

Out of box? What does it mean? How does it differ from conventional thinking? You can have an idea of out of box thinking here.

Animal Duck White Farm Peking Duck

Hans / Pixabay

When seeing the above pictures, what do you feel about the ducks? When these ducks are in a confined space, cage, or a box, they don’t have any freedom. So, they appear sad. On the contrary, the pictures below speak for the different story. When the ducks go out of this confined space or box, they look so happy on the pond.

Out of box

jggrz / Pixabay

Out of box
kie-ker / Pixabay

Am I clear to you?

Probably I need to clarify it more. Why don’t you think of the situation of the ducks in the confined space? Can they feel happy there? No, they can not. Similarly, you can not feel satisfied if you don’t get freedom for thinking. Why? No freedom, no clear thinking. No clear-thinking results in a feeling of sadness.

When the ducks are out of the box, they go to the pond and swim and play there. Why? They taste full freedom, enjoy swimming and playing there. As a result, they feel happy.

Similarly, when you think out of the box, what happens to you? You find the freedom of thinking. So your thoughts can move in different directions. So, it opens the doors to creativity or lateral thinking. A creative mind creates solutions to your problems. So you feel happy without problems. In other words, out of box thinking helps you to succeed.

I must close with this beautiful quote.

“Everyone is born with an instinct of success, and ability to make it, but only the ones who think out of the box succeed.”
― Unarine Ramaru.


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