Learn new things and inner engineering of your body

Learn new things and inner engineering of your body. Why? The present post will answer it.
My present office is on the ground floor of the Project Building of the IISCO Steel Plant, Burnpur. Last Saturday I went to the second floor with some business. When I came to the corridor on the second floor after finishing my jobs, I could not blink at all. Why? My eyes stayed glued to the present old steel melting shop area. I captured its pictures at once through the transparent glass from the second floor.

The pictures show the dismantling jobs in full swing. Why these dismantling jobs? These jobs are going on to make area for the next phase of expansion of the IISCO steel plant.

What happens in obsolescence?

The pictures reminded me of the days when the Twin hearth furnaces produced liquid steel in full swing. Then I used to sit in the office of Steel Foundry in the Casting bay. We made and poured different slag pots there with the liquid steel of Steel Melting Shop. But now the dismantling jobs show that the IISCO Steel plant needs no more service of the old melting shop with outdated technology. So these dismantling jobs go on to make the area for expansion of the plant.

Similar things will happen to me too. I shall retire from my services after nine months. As a result, the IISCO Steel Plant will need no more services from me. The retirement policy goes like this. Old employees will go away. The new employees with the knowledge of new technology will come in. It is the way things go like this. It is fine. But in the next moment, I felt like this. Shall I be outdated when I retire?

Certainly, not. If I continue to learn new things as well as update the knowledge of inner engineering of my body and mind, then no question of my obsolescence arises.

Why inner engineering?

Another question came to my mind. Didn’t I update myself? Yes, I did not upgrade in metallurgical engineering. Why? Because I didn’t have the scope in mechanical shops and maintenance planning. But I don’t believe I have the outdated technology of inner engineering? What is this engineering? How does it work? The autonomic nervous system regulates the vital functions of our body through our spine. This system has two components, survival response and restful response. When one part is on, the other is off.

Inner engineering

The specific yoga activities of inner engineering regulate the above responses in such a way that we get many benefits. What are those benefits? Those benefits include improved concentration — mental clarity, emotional balance, energy levels, and so on. For details, you may read https://www.innerengineering.com/ieo-new/benefits/.

So don’t delay. Don’t feel sad about your old age, body and your obsolescence. Focus on learning new things as well as on inner engineering of your body and mind. Feel the health in every cell of your body.

Let's learn together

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