Read, learn and review to succeed.

Read, learn, and review your work. But why? You want to succeed in the end. So In my office, I scrutinise the files initiated from the different departments of SAIl-ISP, Burnpur. How do I examine? Indeed, by reading the data thoroughly. What are those files? Those files are either for purchase of spares or the issue of contracts. We send the files for further processing when we find them in order. When we find them not in order, We send back the files, to the concerned department for new review or rectification.

In the process, I learn many things about the departments. I get many ideas of the values, knowledge, attitude, perspectives, and so on of the heads of the departments. Even I can sense how our company is doing.

Similarly, if you could follow the daily conversations or interaction among the members of some families, You can know about the bonding of relationships they keep up.

If you could see my daily activities, practices, conversations, interactions, and all internal dialogues within me, you can understand me. You can know my strengths and weaknesses. You also know what I love, fear, believe, and so on. Similarly, to understand your fellow bloggers, you can certainly read, learn, and check their posts. As you know them, so they will understand you. More understanding makes your blogging life easy. Your posts attract more traffic. What you give comes back to you. So read, learn, and review more blogs to get more traffic.

Learn and review
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If you do this for your work as well as for the work of others, you surely improve your work and make them improve their work. So all of you succeed in your areas. If you want to succeed as a group or a team, please read, learn, and review your work and work of others.

Let's learn together

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