Delegate some part of your jobs to be effective.

Delegate some part of your jobs if you ask why then read the conversation below.

One leader is conversing with another leader. They are friends.

Geralt / Pixabay

The first leader asks his friend, “How do you lead your family members?”

“I do it from the front.” replied the friend.

The first leader: “Do they enjoy your leadership? Do they follow you?”

The second leader: “It surprises me. Do you know why? I apply the same principles of leadership in my home as I do in my workplace. It works fine in my workplace, but it does not work in my house. Anyway, how do you lead your family members?”

The second leader: “I don’t lead there at all. Do you know what I do? I let them lead. I only enjoy the leadership of my family members. It has made a peaceful but highly productive atmosphere in my home. ”

Moral of this conversation: Sometimes delegate your jobs and keep a close watch on the primary target. Delegate to be an effective leader.

Geralt / Pixabay


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