Two switches make or break positivity or negativity circuit.

Two switches. I know you, and I have two switches. Either they make or break the circuit of positivity or negativity. How? Have patience. Read the post.

What are those switches? First, know what a switch is.

In electrical engineering, a switch is an electrical component that can “make” or “break” an electrical circuit, interrupting the current or diverting it from one conductor to another.[1][2.

When it makes the circuit, we call it a closed-circuit. When it breaks the circuit, we call it an open-circuit. Electrical current flows in the closed-circuit only.

You have two such switches in your body, what can you do with them?

The two switches, when on, makes the circuit — switching off breaks the circuit.

Features of two switches

The switches have some delicate features varying with your age and mindset. In your childhood, you have the purest mind with zero negativity, so the first switch is switched on by default; the second switch does not function. But as you grow old, your environment pollutes you with negativity, and the second switch starts working. But your deliberate efforts in your minds can influence the functioning of the switches.

Switching on the switches

As you make the first switch on, a constant stream of positive energy, thoughts, emotions, and feelings flow through you. You use all positive words. Then you are in full flow. You don’t fear the unknown, and you take risks. You are not only kind and honest but also courageous and responsible. Equally, you love and respect all. It adds value to your home and work-life. You attract people who love to talk to you and take advice from you. In other words, you are not only a pleasing personality but also a great achiever.

When you make the second switch on, a strong current sweeps over you — a current of negative energy, thoughts, words, emotions, and so on. Then, you hate your colleagues as well as misbehave with them. Your energy drops, fear reigns over you. So you don’t take any risks. As a result, you don’t go beyond your comfort zone and hence don’t find success. In other words, you repel people with your negative personality.

Cases of switching on and off

What happens when we keep the two switches in on position at a time? How is it possible? Yes, it is possible. Mostly we keep our two switches on by default. Only our deliberate thoughts and actions make them on or off.

What are those actions? Those actions either make us positive or negative. So the choice is yours. Choose either to be positive or negative. Two switches function at your will. Be alert. Either make or break the circuit of positivity or negativity. The choice is yours.

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