Right focus- Key to successful living

Right focus? How does it relate to successful living? It is the key to a successful life. Why so? Whatever we focus right, grows.

When you focus on your health, then your health will improve. Focus on your income; you will earn more. But if you focus on anything negative, then your life attracts more negative energy. In that case, it slows down your growth in life. On the other hand, if you focus on the positive aspects of life, your life will attract more positive energy. Hence it will promote your growth in life.

So I advocate so much for this right focus on positivity. Why? It opens the door to positivity, secrets of growth, and successful living.
Then why does everyone not grow? It is a million-dollar question. Here I will not attempt to answer this question. Instead, I will focus on the right focus and explore it here.

Exploring the right focus:

Do you know how my proper attention helped me in my workplace? It improved the housekeeping of shop floors. How?

When I took the charges of Shops of ISP, Burnpur, I observed the stores and shop floors cluttered with unwanted things. So what? I focused first on identifying the unwanted stuff, mobilizing my resources, then on segregating wanted and unwanted items. Finally, I arranged to clear the clutter. How did it help?
The housekeeping of the shops improved at once. It made identification and traceability easy. It not only improved the working conditions of Shops but also the morale of our employees.

If you use the right focus on your health, then you have to focus every day on physical exercises, brisk walking, taking healthy foods, enough rest, and sleep. What will you gain? Your health will improve at once.

Similarly, you can use the right focus on growing our relationship with GOD, your mother, wife, children, our society, and your employees. So you can relate more to them.

The activities yo focus on your circle of concern only increases your fears and worries. So your problems weigh more.

The activities you do in your circle of influence, increase not only your influence but also shrinks your concerns. So it boosts up your growth attitude. You can check my post in Circle of Concern: Dealing activities

Focus on the present moment

By default, either you spend much time thinking about your past experiences or apprehend your future. The attachment to the past and the future not only creates unnecessary worries but also slows down your success and growth.
Instead, if you can use the right focus in the present moment, we can do the jobs at hand with mindful attention. You may check my post Mindfulness in life and work-life.for details of mindfulness. Then you start living the present moments effectively. It increases your world of the present. You start enjoying your life and shrinking your worlds of the past and future.

Action steps for the right focus:

  • Focus on the positive aspects of your life. Do not waste your time in negativity.
  • Focus on the activities in your circle of influence.
  • Practice mindfulness in positive day-to-day activities. Be in the present
  • Enjoy every moment of life.


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