Life goes like this.

Life goes like this. How does it go for me? Please read the post and have the answer.

Three weeks back, my wife and my younger son visited my native place. First, they met with my 87-year-old mother and then with my co-brother who is on dialysis. Why? It allowed them to see my son before he could leave for the USA for pursuing his integrated Ph.D. on July 28, 2019. Moreover, No one knows when the next opportunity will come.

So life goes like this.

In the meantime, my younger son had already gone to the USA. He is now fighting with the new time zone, culture, new cooking habits, and so on. My elder son has come back from Dhaka. So my wife is preparing delicious dishes for him. Yesterday my younger son was video calling when we were taking dinner. He said to his brother, “What are you taking in your dinner?” My elder son focussed his mobile camera on the chicken preparation. The face of his brother turned pale. A deep sigh came out from my chest. What a contrast? My younger son is preparing his food or taking fast food, whereas we are relishing the dishes prepared by my wife.

So life goes like this.

Contrast in life

I said to my elder son,” Your brother is now practically starving. You will be starving after one year”. He said.” Why so?” I announced,” We are expecting you to marry within the next year. To be sure, your would-be wife will be a working lady. You and she will not find any time to cook such good foods. You will make a habit of purchasing foods online. Am I right?” He kept mum.

So life goes like this.

I talked to myself if life goes like this, then why not to let it happen like this? If you don’t make it happen like this, then you feel upset. Am I right?

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