Challenge yourself daily to regain your energy

Do you know what I conversed with my junior yesterday?

He came to me and said, “Recently I don’t feel energetic.”

Do you exercise daily?, I said.

Yes I go for morning or evening walk daily.

Challenge yourself daily to regain your energy.

Then please listen to the story. I told the story about how the fishing companies of Japan changed the taste of fish from dull to the fresh.

Challenge before fishes

The japanese like fresh fishes. But the fishermen don’t find and catch fishes close to the shore. So they sail on the sea few kilometers away from the land for catching fishes. Since they are far off from the shore, it takes few days to come back to the shore. The fishes caught on the sea dies and so they taste dull.

In order to solve this problem,the fishing company arranges freezers on the boat. Still the freezed fishes taste not better than fresh ones.Then what to do? The company arranges for a water tank on the boat. the fishermen catch the fishes and set them free in the water tank. The fishes remain alive. Still they tasted dull.

They reflect long on the issue. Then they leave a shark into the water tank where fishes are kept. Initially the shark eat few fishes. When it chases the fishes, then they try hard to move away as fast as possible from it. In this way, the shark chases and the fishes move constantly. Those fishes are sold to the customers. The fishes when cooked taste fresh and lively.They don’t have any dull taste.

Why do the taste change?

When there is no shark, the fishes are moving. they are not lively.

Analysis of the story

The shark throws a challenge to the fishes in the tank.Facing challenges and tackling them constantly make them lively. As a result they taste fresh.

Unless you face challenge, you tend to live a monotonous and boring life. You become complacent. So you feel less energetic. The challenges give you the opportunity to use your resources fully. They make you busy constantly. So you don’t harp on the small issues. At the end you feel energetic.

Action steps

See every challenge as the opportunity.

Take necessary steps to go ahead.

If the challenges don’t come to you, then challenge yourself by setting daily target.

Follow and achieve it.

Regain your energy after achieving it.

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