Love : Mantra for maintaining a constant energy flow

Love. Why love? Because life without love is energyless.

Don’t you feel less energetic?

Yes, you do.

Don’t you want to feel more energetic throughout the day?

Yes, you want.

Then you have to read the post to know the secret of constant energy flow.

You feel constant energy in your body, mind and spirit when you love something, someone or someplace in true sense.

Yesterday, I was returning home in my car from my workplace. It was around 5-45 PM. All of a sudden, the face of the passerby attracted me. So I stopped the car and found that the passerby was an ex-employee of Pattern shop.

Instantly both of us recognized each other. I came out of my car and shook hands with him. We talked at length about our present state of well-being, about other colleagues so on.

He was one of my favourite foremen. Both of us respected each other. His vibe was in perfect alignment with mine. So a strong relationship developed between us.

What made me to come out of my car? What made me shake hands with him. It was love. It helped us to come to each other. It helped in the smooth flow of energy within us and finally engaged us in interacting.

Workplace Examples

As soon as we become emotionally balanced, our body mind and spirit work harmoniously. No energy dissipates. When we have emotional defects within us, energy dissipates. Our target is to stop energy dissipation. The easiest workable path is the path of love.

In every morning, I shake hands with my colleagues and employees with a smiling face. This small act energises me and my colleagues and employees to some extent. The attitude of loving and respecting others prompted me to shake hands.

Md. Ansari, a contractual workman cleans his lathe machine very carefully before and after working on the machine. He loves his machine, develops a special knack in enjoying hearing the rhythm of the machine and detects easily any faults in the machine.

He can run the machine at a stretch for 20 hours without feeling tired. True Loving helps in the constant flow of energy. So Md. Ansari does not show any sign of tiredness even at the end of working for 20 hours

Why Love  is a mantra for maintaining a constant energy flow

Hate or disrespect blocks our energy. If you intend to make any employee or any person full of energy, then you must love or respect him sincerely. A sincere expression of love, respect, praise so on so forth opens our heart centres. So constant energy flows.
God is full of energy. God is within us. He is within everything. He is within the machine. We love employees means we love God. We do not feel any tiredness when we love God.



  1. Great points! Unlike attention, love and hate are not finite resources. They are more like gravity, in that they are incessant forces. In this sense, we can align love such that it’s like a constant energy flow.

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