Learn or perish in life- What will you embrace?

Learn or perish in life- What will you embrace? If you read the post, then it will certainly help you decide what to embrace.
I spent my childhood in a village of West Bengal, India. At that time the villagers used to take baths in the pond. Most children could swim. The children who did not know how to swim requested their parents to help in swimming. In order to teach them mostly, the parents threw them into water. The child finding no alternative to keep him afloat used to throw his hands and legs. When the parent of the child who was at a safe distance found his child started drowning, they promptly lifted him up. In this way, he used to learn faster how to swim.
Do you believe that the parent who threw his child into the water did not love his child? Certainly, you don’t. But why did he do so? He created the situation in such a way that his child learns from it. If the child does not learn, he will be drowned in water. The learning point is to learn or perish.

Similarly, God loves you also. They make difficult situations for you so that you can learn from them. Don’t think that God doesn’t love you. He created difficulties only to teach you. Now it is your turn. Either you learn and grow or you perish in life.

Life is a pond. Our purpose is to keep us afloat on water. God also wants it. So He throws us into the pond of life so that we can learn fast how to keep us afloat and how to handle difficult situations well.

What will you embrace? Learn or perish in life!

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