Make Judgement : Advantages and Disadvantages.

People tend to make a judgment when somebody speaks or does something. Some people do more where some people do less.

Don’t you tend to judge while others speak?

Don’t you judge when you see others do anything? Nothing to worry.

I sometimes do. When we make judgment, we don’t focus on the speech we hear or on the deed we see. Instead we start judging the speaker or doer instantly.

Don’t you then think about what is the motive of the speaker or doer?

Do you think how does the speech or deed serves your purpose?

You judge with these questions. Don’t you?

Make judgment: A general outline

You can make judgment silently or loudly.

Making judgment contracts your mind. So you lose focus on what the speaker or doer speaks or does. You keep on judging. Your look at the speaker or doer consistently, but don’t listen to him or don’t pay attention to what he does. You keep your eyes open but follow your heart and ears closed. Furthermore, you shut up the learning mode of your mind. In other words, you slow down your personal development.

When we make judgment silently:

Mostly we fear to speak out our judgment because it focuses on negative aspects of the speaker or doer. Concentrating on negative aspects tarnishes our mindset, leading to the fixed mindset. A fixed mindset does not help in learning and hence, in your overall growth.

Every action comes before thought. So Judging silently use thoughts. Thoughts are more powerful than words.

Negative thoughts for an extended period brings our wrong actions. If you do bad activities continuously, you grow bad habits. A series of repeated bad habits make you a bad character. A man of bad character, you do bad things and keep on doing such bad things. It makes continuous wrong impressions on your subconscious mind and forces you to make wrong actions in the future.

Generally, evil persons come to you to make friends as your negative thoughts attract negative people around you.

When we make judgment loudly:

When you make a harsh judgment loudly, you not only focus on the negative side of the speaker or doer but also hamper the flow of his speaking or doing things. Thus you manifest the bad thoughts that force you to do evil actions and continue to move in the cycle outlined in the above paragraph. You slow down your personal development.

When you make a fair judgment loudly, the speaker or doer may not take it in the right perspective and may underperform what he does.

If he takes it from the right perspective, he may correct himself.

If you praise loudly through your judgment, the speaker or the doer finds his inspiration and performs well.

Final advice: make judgement

  1. Never make a habit of making wrong judgments. It does not help you grow. It makes others unhappy and even creates conflict. Conflict is a roadblock to your growth.
  2. Never think of making lousy judgment silently. It only binds you with negativity. Negativity also delays your growth.
  3. Make a habit of making ethical judgments in public. It makes you a strong character and makes others happy.

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  1. Sandeep Dadia

    take your life as a moving camera. being judgmental is like a still camera. Even if one has to make a judgement, it is for that moment, the person can change post that. so even is one has made an opinion about someone, one must say, it is for that moment only.

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