Divine knowledge from Lakshmi Puja?

Divine knowledge from Lakshmi Puja? Bur how?

After my day’s work,I returned to my flat and found few floor arts popularly known as alpanas on the floor of my flat.

Alpana refers to colourful motifs, sacred art or painting done with hands and paint which is mainly a paste of rice and flour on auspicious occasions in Bengal.[1]                                              

The women of house draw these floor arts before they worship the Goddess Lakshmi. Alpanas, not only symbolize auspiciousness but, they also promote prosperity and well-being of the members of the house.

My wife drew these floor arts . What inspired her to draw these arts? Really I do not know. But the beauty of these alpanas made me happy. Then I asked my wife, “Do you worship the Goddess Lakshmi today?” She promptly replied with smile,” Every day we can worship the Goddess Lakshmi. Can’t we?.” I didn’t reply. I thought deeply on the sentence.

We consider Lakshmi as the Goddess of wealth. Generally, we misinterpret wealth as money. But in the spiritual sense, wealth actually refers to divine knowledge.When we gather enough divine knowledge, we can see and realize yourself as soul and see others as soul. When we see others as soul, we won’t hate more and the world will be full of love. No more killings, no more militancy. No war.

All of us gather and accumulate money not true wealth for our worldly pleasures. As we don’t gain the true wealth of divine knowledge, we can’t taste the true happiness internally. So let us gain this true wealth every day and worship the Goddess Lakshmi. If we gain proper divine knowledge , then we can please the goddess Lakshmi. So let us worship The goddess Lakshmi every day for our divine knowledge.

It’s my opinion. What is your opinion?




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