Motivate others-My work-life experiences

Do not you want to motivate others?

Do you know how to motivate?

How to create a motivating atmosphere? Do you know?

If you read this post, then you will find the answers.

For the purpose of interacting with them, I called all assistant cum technicians (ACT) of Forge and Structural Shop in my office. My intention was how to find out steps to motivate others.

Creating a motivating atmosphere

First I gave a piece of paper to each of them to write their good points. I discussed their good useful aspects. Even I pointed out some of the good points they missed writing.

Then I asked them one by one “What job are you doing? Why are you doing? How is it meaningful to you?” They tried to answer. They answered  “I am doing the gas cutting to complete my allotted job”, “I am doing welding to complete my allotted job” and so on.

Firstly, I allowed them to speak out. I listened to them with empathy

Then I said “You are not only doing allotted gas-cutting/welding jobs etc. but also you are doing more than that. You are doing it for yourself as well for the company. If you love and enjoy your job, you are helping yourself to develop your skill. The seniors will respect your skill etc.. In the process you are helping to make a spare for our new plant. You are contributing to the growth of IISCO steel plant.”

I not only helped them to relate their job to their skill development, respect for seniors, internal customers and contributions to ISP, but also I encouraged them to take part in a discussion on different issues related to technical, non-technical, their hobbies even their matters. They all freely discussed.

After a few days during my visit to the shop floor, suddenly I entered their restroom and found dirt and tree leaves scattered.

Helping to motivate for setting the goal

Our conversation followed.
Myself: “Do you agree that you work hard”? Do you agree that you must take complete rest after hard work?”
ACT: Yes sir.
Myself: “Can you take complete rest in this dirty restroom?”They all remained silent.
Myself: “Is your bedroom dirty like this restroom”?
ACT: No sir. We will clean it daily.
Myself:  Thanks. Then I shall visit the next week.

They requested me to change the damaged roof Sheets and arrange for a water tap. Within a week the concerned agencies completed all the jobs.
Next week I visited the restroom, observed it more clearly and immediately thanked them. But I spontaneously pointed out some leftover food grains in one corner. They told that some seniors took food and left it there. In the meantime, some senior fellow workmen voluntarily came and clean the food grains. The ACTs along with the senior workmen assured me to keep it clean. The restroom is now clean entirely.

Analysis: Finding steps to Motivate others.

The advice to ACTs to write their good points created the right environment for interaction. They discovered that they have so many good points. Their Head of Department also appreciated that excellent points.

They not only got motivated but also found their jobs meaningful and purposeful. I helped them to decide on their goal of housekeeping. In other words, I involved them in the goal-setting process.

Their inspiration level improved when they found the replacement of roof sheets and arrangement of a water tap. Finally, they cleaned the restroom.

When the seniors found the restroom more cleanly, they joined hands to clean. Here the ACTs were leading the show in housekeeping. The seniors were following them. I found out the steps to motivate others. I thanked them all.

Steps to motivate others:

  • Create an environment for productive interaction.
  • Listen to the group members with empathy.
  • Help each member to find more meaning and purpose in his jobs
  • Involve the group in-goal setting
  • Support the group in achieving the goal.
  • Appreciate the group promptly.
  • Motivate others to succeed.
  • Live a fabulous life.

People who have difficulty in motivating others are less likely to succeed in life.


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