Unlock yourself to become your better version

Unlock yourself to become your better version. Let me start with what happens when you lock a room. You close a room not to stay there but to leave the room.
Once you leave it for a long time, you face two types of problems when you come back.

When you open your room

Firstly, you find it difficult to open it in the first go.

What do you do then?

You apply some oil into the lock. Why so?  Oil facilitates cleaning and helps in unlocking with the key. Suppose you open the room. What will you see if you go inside?  You will find the place not habitable because of dust and dirt. What will you do then? You will clean the floor, dust your furniture and belongings and make it livable.



Secondly, you can find that some miscreant has broken the lock and stolen your belongings in your extended absence.
I am sure you don’t want to face these problems.

When you don’t unlock yourself

Now let me tell you what happens when you don’t unlock yourself?

When you do so for a long time, you face similar problems too. What are those problems?
The dirt of tension, anxiety, and negativity accumulates inside you and gives you difficulty to open up fully. So you can not become your better version.

You may face other difficulties also like this. Some miscreants or toxic people may come to your life and start influencing you in such a way that you can not come out of the vicious cycle of negativity. With such negativity, you can not become your better version.

So if you want to become your better version, you need to unlock yourself. Now how to open yourself?

How to unlock yourself?

1. Unlocking while you get up in the morning

Make this habit.

When your eyes are still closed, please pay attention to how you breathe in and breathe out. Then give thanks to GOD that you are still alive. Give thanks to the bed and mattress for how they helped you in your sound sleep.

Keep your focus on your conscious breathing. Then think that with each breath, you become more aware of the present moments. Expect that each moment makes you more alert and brings you the best day ahead.

Then either you go for a morning walk and freehand exercises for an hour or you meditate for half an hour. When you go out for a walk, enjoy nature before you. Think that with each every step, cool breeze comforts you. With each breath, birds sing for you, and flowers bloom for you. The habit will unlock you and make you more relaxed as well as alert. Then sit to plan your day. This way, you become your better version.


2. Unlocking while you take food

Make this habit.

When your wife serves you food items on the table, don’t rush to the food at once. Instead, sit on a chair and wait there for five minutes or more. Then observe the details. See its color, see how hot vapor comes out, smell the food, and silently give thanks to her for serving this delicious food. This way, you bring subtler thoughts, emotions, and intentions to your act of eating. This habit will unlock you, and the foods you eat will nourish you more. So you become your better version.



3. Unlocking while you read

Let me start with how my elder son unlocks himself when new books come to his study table. First, he will gently rub his palm and fingers on the book cover and pages, take them close to his nose and smell the pages with a smile. This habit unlocks and makes him more alert. Once so alert, he can focus more on the books. In the same way, you can make your device too. Thus you become your better version.


4. Unlocking while you do a particular job

If you carefully follow the steps above, then you can design your unlocking system for whatever you do. It may be an act of washing dishes, an act of sleeping, or an act of taking a bath, and so on. Please keep in mind that you bring your subtler thoughts, emotions, and intentions to that particular act. Then only, you can do the job with your heart. You become more mindful or present in the situation. So you become your better version.

Call to action

So I can safely conclude here like this.

Unlock yourself to become your better version.  Once you grow your better version, your health, relationship, and life will improve.



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