Achieve your goal through one step at a time.

Achieve your goal. Why do you want to achieve your goal?  You want to succeed.

Who does not want to succeed?

Rather everybody wants. I also want. So if you want to succeed, then achieve your goal one step at a time. Let me tell you why you go one step at a time.

Going one step at a time takes the least effort. Why so? Let me explain it here.

Achieve your goal

Your goal is to reach the top. When you look at the staircase, you worry when you will reach the top. Once you worry much, you miss some steps and may fall or fail.

The staircase is the number of steps you walk towards the goal. Each step is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely objective before you.

Taking the first step is very difficult for you. Am I right? But why it is so difficult?  Because you think and think and wait for someone who will do your jobs. As a result, you for sure procrastinate. Taking the very first step starts your journey towards your goal. When you take the first step, then you can see the second step clearly. Once you see the second step, then you can plan what you will do next.

When you take one step at a time, then you kill our habit of procrastination at once. Then you come out of our comfort zone. You move closer to the goal and achieve the small incremental improvement


  • Bad habit of procrastination vanishes.
  • Comfort zone breaks.
  • Goals get close
  • Achieve incremental improvement

If we take a big leap or take more steps at a time, we need more energy to start taking action. The possibility of failures increases. Instead, if we take one step at a time, it takes minimum energy. The doer takes action easily. The likelihood of success increases

Steps to achieve Goal:

  • Know your goal.
  • Subdivide goal into steps
  • Know each step.
  • Understand your direction
  • Identify the time frame
  • Do not procrastinate.
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Take one step at a time
  • Achieve your goal.

Success is beyond the steps. So why don’t you achieve your goal through one step at a time?



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