Remind yourself what you have achieved

Remind yourself what you have achieved. Let me tell you why? It will help you to plan your future more positively.

First, let me tell you about my achievements in life? It’s for sure you are thinking why I am speaking about my achievements now on January 1, 2020. After five months, my service life will come to an end. So I take this opportunity of  January 1, 2020, to take stock of what I have achieved. Happy New Year to all of you. Sometimes you have to look back how much you have advanced in your journey.

This way, you can rate your achievement based on the distance traversed fro your staring point.

Remind yourself

I give here the details of my past background or my starting point. Our family was a middle-class family out of a village of West Bengal. My father had a stroke. His left side paralyzed, and so he expired early. That time I was in the sixth standard. My mother was such a caring homemaker with no educational background. Still, she raised us with due care.

Someone with extraordinary circumstances can belittle each of my achievements. But the person does not know my starting point. So he can not rate my performances. Am I clear to you?

Moreover, when you go through the list of your achievements, then you can realize how much you have capitalized on your true potential. So you feel happy. Then you can inspire yourself. Once inspired, you become so energetic. Then your energy makes you achieve more.

How I remind myself

So l list down the few of my achievements here. Why? It will inspire me to achieve more in the coming years. So I will expect and plan more positively in the future.

  • I stood first in all of my classes at the school level.
  • Though a Bengali medium student from a village background, I wrote my final examination of class eleven in English.
  • I cracked IIT-JEE as well as WBJEE without any coaching.
  • Finally, I got admitted in IIT-BHU
  • I did my Bachelor of Technology from BHU.
  • I joined IISCO Steel Plant, SAIL as Management Trainee (Technical)
  • Finally, I am going to retire as General Manager( Maintenance Planning) on May 31, 2020.

The above achievements relate to my academic career and work life. But what about my personal experience and social life? I listed below the few.

  • I could create a great learning atmosphere in my family so that my two sons made habits of reading books. Each of them is an excellent reader of books of many varieties.
  • I could instill a healthy value system within the minds of my sons and spouse, so they don’t tolerate any dishonesty in any form.
  • My addiction to nothing helped them not to indulge in smoking and drinking.
  • The helping attitude of my wife and myself made them helpful and considerate.
  • My efforts made my cousin an engineer.
  • I gave financial support to a few of my relatives during the operation of the eyes, heart, and dialysis of the kidney.

I know if you make a similar list, it will reach infinity.

How to remind yourself

These are all small accomplishments. Anyone can achieve them. But you know when they accumulate, they result in the best achievements in your life. Similarly, you can also list your achievements only to have a feeling of a  great achiever.

Benefits of reminding of achievements

  • When you tell yourself of your accomplishments, you help yourself to raise on the journey to success.
  • Your self-esteem, belief, and confidence improve at once.
  • Inspiration goes up.
  • You can help and guide others

So remind yourself from time to time what you have achieved. It will help you to plan what you want to accomplish in the coming days.

“Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant. It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest.”
― Georgia O’Keeffe


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