Tea break- How does it play important role?

Tea break. How does it play an important role? Do you want to know it? Then read the post.

In my earlier post, How do I see my sudden transfer?, I have already mentioned that I have joined my new office on March 7, 2019. It is in the project building of ISP, where my few friends already work. Each of them discharges his duties in the best possible way. They don’t find any leisure time for relaxation.

How did I propose for a tea break?

As I have come from the floor, so initially, I faced some problems in adjusting to the new nature of jobs. The jobs I have to do from the desk. I found it challenging to engage myself in new types of jobs. I got bored and went to the offices of my friends. When I told them about my problems of adjustment, they said that they had been doing these types of jobs since 1983. We don’t have any way out.

Is it so? Why don’t you break for half an hour, come to my office, have a cup of tea, share your thoughts, and relax for half an hour? It will surely help all of us to regain our energy. Our office has the best facilities to serve you with the best quality of tea. Don’t you agree with me?

How does tea break help?

They agreed. So I arrange the tea for my friends and me in my office. Eventually, when they feel stressed, they break their work and come to my office. Then they enjoy the tea break.  What do we do? Some times I share my work problems, and some times they do. We take tea and discuss the issues — many a time we find the solution in the tea break.

Moreover, everyone knows about the benefits of tea. “Tea acts as a stimulant for Central Nervous System, (CNS) and skeletal muscles. That is why tea removes fatigue, tiredness, and headache. It also increases the capacity of thinking;—-“. I have it taken it from the link https://www.ijhsss.com/files/Jayeeta-Bhattacharjee_69b015ze.pdf.

Action steps

When stress builds up within you, leave your work, go for a tea break and have a cup of tea.

Discuss your issues among your colleagues.

These steps will rejuvenate you.



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