Attitude of gratitude- My life learning

“In normal life we hardly realize how much more we receive than we give, and life cannot be without such gratitude. It is so easy to overestimate the importance of our own achievements compared with what we owe to the help of others.”

– Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Yes, many things in our life come from the help of others. But we fail to see them and give thanks to others. But if we make a habit of showing gratitude to others who help us in a slightest possible way, then similar situations when we can give thanks start coming to our life. It’s a natural law.

Who does not want to have such amazing moments? Everyone wants. Do you know how do you benefit from an attitude of gratitude? The present post gives the answer. 

In the first place,  my attitude of gratitude helped me in my life. Equally, it taught me to make the right decisions in the crisis. How does it help? It opens doors to happiness, better relationships, better physical and mental health so on so forth. It makes our state of mind positive too. If I make a list of gratitude, then its length will extend to infinity.

Gratitude attitude helps

As an illustration, I am reflecting on the few situations. They certainly affected my life so much.

Jhoru – the hero of the first situation criticised me constructively.  His constructive criticism inspired me to study hard for qualifying in IIT-JEE in the year 1977. It helped me to succeed in life as well. How did it help me? You can see my earlier blog with the link: Constructive criticism-How it fueled my life for details.

When I reflect on this situation, I always thank Jhoru for criticising me and ultimately leading to my present life as the engineer in SAIL-ISP, Burnpur, West Bengal, India. In order to maintain an attitude of gratitude towards Jhoru, we always invite him to any occasions or any ceremony in my home.

It is not difficult to maintain a gratitude attitude in our happy moments. When unhappy crisis situations of life test us, it is very difficult to maintain it.

Crisis situations of my life

We were travelling by bus to the place of my father-in-law in the year 2004. The bus skidded into a small pond. As a result, three passengers were killed. But all we survived. Thanks to God.

We all remained thankful to God. I advised my family members ” God has saved our lives. We could have been killed like three co-passengers. Always think good and do good to others. God will save us always.”

The dreaded road accident at Nagpur killed one friend of my elder son on January 8, 2017. All the three bones of hisright leg broke in the accident. He was fighting with the fat embolism in ICU. We prayed to God and never gave up hope. And he survived, completed his MBA and finally got a job in Noida. So we remained grateful to GOD. Maintaining a gratitude attitude in a crisis situation always pay.
Lastly, in view of Stefen Johnson syndrome caused due to a sulphur drug reaction,  I had to admit my wife to the Tropical medicine of Kolkata on September 7, 2017. Thanks to my friend Sri D.Kundu who helped so much in her admission into the hospital. All the attending doctors of the hospital helped her to recover from the worst skin disease. Finally, She survived. My heartfelt thanks to the doctors and GOD who saved our lives. Again maintaining a gratitude attitude in a crisis situation proved to pay.

Action Steps

  1. Always think good and do good to others
  2. Pray to GOD. Praying more often increases gratitude
  3. Never give up hope.
  4. Believe that there is always something to be thankful for.
  5. Before sleep, make a habit of giving thanks silently to those who helped during the day



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