Sharing experiences-What I learnt

Sharing experiences with others. Why go for it? It enriches our lives. But it requires money. Don’t you agree? Indeed, yes, I feel.

When you spend money on shopping for yourself, you feel happy to some extent. Right? Don’t you think that your happiness does not last long?

Suppose you go for shopping lavishly for an extended period. What will happen? It can make you bankrupt.

On the other hand, Spending money on gathering and sharing experiences does not make us bankrupt; in essence, happiness lasts longer. So it enriches our lives: our mind expands. We become not only broad-minded but also genuinely grow. The joy we feel lasts longer.

At this point, when I am writing this post, my mind went back to the day when we visited Digha and got immersed in the sea of happiness and joy.

Sharing experiences: my personal experiences

In the year 2000. I took leave from my duties. Then I went to my native village and planned to pay a day visit to Digha, around 80 km from my home along with my mother, brother, sisters, my nephews, and few close relatives.

When I disclosed it to my wife and other members of my extended family, they became so excited. So they immediately started planning for who will wear what, who will take care of the aged members.  Who will take care of the children so on so forth? They looked so happy and cheerful in the night. Tomorrow we will go to Digha, spend the whole day there and return to our home at night.

Finally, we all boarded a public bus. All the members became full of energy; they started speaking loudly with each other, ignoring the presence of other passengers on the bus. Their excitement and boundless joy surprised the other passengers and me as well.

As expected, we reached Digha at the scheduled time. We all enjoyed the whole day at Digha. The waves of the sea created waves of joy in our hearts. We relished the lunch of our choices, enjoyed the beauty of the sea, the beauty of sea-beach, the taste of fishes so on so forth. We all discovered and understood ourselves in front of the vastness of the Bay of Bengal. The immense happiness we felt was more valuable than the money I spent.

I learned that spending money on sharing experiences in a group or a circle makes us happy and helps to grow. You can look into the link –

Learning points:

Sharing experiences in a group or team enrich you.
• So spend money on it.

If you disagree, please do not forget to share your thoughts. It will undoubtedly enrich my life.


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